Akamas Polis Chrysochous Area

The Akamas Peninsula on the north - western part of Cyprus is a unique area, both geologically and physiographically and with regard to Flora and Fauna.

Almost all the geological formations of Cyprus can be found here, resulting in a real geological mosaic. For this reason, the Akamas peninsula is endowed with a unique biodiversity, habitats and ecosystems.

The largest part of the area is covered with a unique natural Para - Mediterranean ecosystem where the bushes and shrubs alternate with phrygana  or garique, maquis and open pine forests. Of particular importance is the fact that the area constitutes the eastern most point where many European plant species can be found.For example Arbutus unedo known throughout Western Europe can be found nowhere else in Cyprus but in the Akamas . The uniqueness of the flora stem mainly from unparalleled endemic wealth. In the Akamas there are 530 indigenous plants, of which about 35 are endemic, out of a total of 127 endemi species throughout Cyprus . Some of these plants are endemic to the area. Alyssum akamasicum and Centaurea akamantis have taken their name from the area itself, while species such as Centaurea veneris, Tulipa cypria, Gladiolus triphyllus and many others are found either exclusively or chiefly in the Akamas peninsula.

As regards fauna, the endemic Glaucopsyche Paphos butterlfy can be considered the emblemof the area.

Until recently the mditerranean seal Manachus monachus bred in the inaccessible caves of the peninsula, while on the remote beaches of Lara, the sea turtles Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas continue to breed in large numbers.

The uniqueness of the Akamas is due not only to the indisputable charm of the natural landscape, but also to its cultural and mythological wealth. the area is strewn with romantic spots, most of which are connected with Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and beauty, known in antiquity - according to Hommer - as Kypris, Pafia or Anadyomeni (born of the waves) as legent has that she emerged out of the sea of Pafos.

source: C.T.O (Cyprus Tourist Organisation)

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